San Diego Wine Co. Does it Again

Friday, December 11, 2009

For the past couple years I've been working with a customer out in San Diego. Prior to my first trip out there, I recalled a vacation we took in the area a few years back and the great wine prices on wine we found at a Costco in Carlsbad, so I thought to check an area Costco while I was out there. I got lost along the way and instead discovered San Diego Wine Co. That random act guided me to one of my favorite wine shops in the country.

Innocently situated in a strip mall near the Mirimar Naval Air Station, San Diego Wine Co keeps things simple. No fancy racks, or any racks at all for that matter: Wines are displayed mostly in the cardboard boxes they came in. They focus on popular categories like Napa Cabernet, domestic Pinot Noir, France and Italy. The wines they select in those categories tend to be highly rated by publications like Wine Spectator and hard to find -or- delicious crowd pleasers -or- small production California wineries I've never heard of before. The common denominator in the wines they select is that they offer them at unbeatable prices.

The past couple of times I've been out there, coincidentally, they've sent out their monthly newsletter announcing their latest best deals. Their deals always seem to include one or two wines that I've had a very hard time finding in Massachusetts. Here's what I got this time:

  • 2007 Joseph Swan Pinot Noir Russian River Valley Cuvée de Trois
    93 WS/$28 Release Price/$26.95
    at San Diego Wine Co.
    Fantastic wine- thoroughly enjoyed it.
  • 2007 Coho Headwaters
    95WS on the '06/$40 Release Price/$31.95 at San Diego Wine Co.
    Sorry to say this one was consumed with the boys after hitting several bars. I seem to recall trumpeting the accolades of the '06 to my friends, probably talking about QPR more than they cared to hear about, and then heading out to get some burritos. :)

    Update: I did a more comprehensive tasting of the '06 and '07 Coho Headwaters.  Click here to have a look.

  • 2006 Gaja Promis Toscana
    Best Price in MA: $39/$29.95 at San Diego Wine Co.
    Corked. Bummer. I didn't have time to take it back (though I'm always in favor of returning corked wine). Really saddened by this after enjoying the Gaja Sito Moresco so so much.

What to do next:
Question of the Day: Why are wine prices so much higher in Massachusetts than California for wines from freaking Italy!?


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