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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The comments have been analyzed and we have a winner. In our "leave a comment for a chance to win a free Soirée In-Bottle Wine Decanter" contest we received a number of excellent comments, and although we can pick only one winner, everyone who left a comment gets a prize.

Last week, we wrapped up a giveaway related to "Wine Aerobics: Why You Should Aerate Your Wine". Andrew Lazorchak from Soirée walked us through a number of simple fundamentals which can help us all enjoy the wine we drink more, and paid particularly close attention to the subject of aeration. The comments were fantastic, and we truly appreciate everyone who read the piece and especially those who left a comment.

Katie pointed out a scenario where instantaneous aeration devices can be quite useful: When you've got a lot of bottles open. In her scenario, it was for a comparative tasting, but the same could be said for a party. Or if you're going on a bender. :)

Marc raised a question about "breathable" glasses and Andrew offered up his impressions and suggestions in this class of products. Heath Stone, whose comments way back on my very first wine aerator review made me aware of the existence of the Soirée, shared a useful tip: If you don't have an aerator handy "shake" the bottle of wine to give it some air. Fans of Molly Dooker wines in particular are fond of shaking them- the winery even recommends it.

Just a day before the contest ended, Mark swooped in with an amazing comment that captures the relationship between wine and air beautifully. Andrew confided that the last paragraph in particular nearly brought a tear to his eye. It was hard *not* to award the prize to Mark.

However, it was decided that the prize should go to the very first comment which was from @s1simps. She shared that she is new to wine drinking, preferring mostly sweeter white wines at this point, and appreciated the guidance on letting wines breathe. For the pro-active nature of her comment (being new to wine and seeking out information in wine blogs about aeration) Soirée will be happy to ship her one of their in-bottle wine decanters.

Congratulations to @s1simps, and to everyone who left a comment because Andrew would like to extend a $10 coupon for the Soirée online store to anyone who left a comment on the piece to thank you for your enthusiasm and participation.

My thanks again to Andrew for his generosity, and for sharing his thoughts on wine enjoyment with us. You can follow Andrew at and at @WineSoiree on Twitter.

If you left a comment and would like to take advantage of the $10 coupon code offer, please E-mail me at and I'll let you know what the code is. Thanks again.


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