Buy Less Wine, Save More Money at Whole Foods Wayland, MA

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Whole Foods in Wayland, MA is one of the 3 Whole Foods stores in the state that is allowed to sell alcohol. Due to some arcane and wacko Massachusetts law, grocery stores are allowed to sell wine; but each chain can only do so at 3 of their locations. What is even wackier is that voters decided against allowing all grocery stores in the state to sell wine. Some of the laws in this state are truly bizarre- especially surrounding wine sales.

Anyway, I lobbied hard for our grocery shopping this past weekend to be done at this Whole Foods because they sell wine (and there's no better place to hide out than the wine section when the kiddos are fussy.) I was pleased to find that their normal case discount policy of 10% off 6 mixed bottles/20% off 12 mixed bottles was temporarily sweetened. Through January 19th, 2009 you only need to buy 6 mixed bottles to get 20% off. To make the deal even sweeter, the discount applies to wines on sale. That's a pretty good deal! I dislike having to buy a whole case to get a decent price and it's pretty easy to find 6 wines you'd like to try, especially when the discount applies to sale wines. Most local wine stores do *not* offer quantity discounts on sale items so I thought this was worth mentioning.

It's up for debate whether Whole Foods everyday pricing is good or not. Looking around I would say in some cases it was a little high and in others it wasn't too bad. I think with the discount most wines would be a good deal. Their product mix is an interesting one; dissimilar to what I typically associate with "supermarket" wines. Check 'em out if you're in the area- I think it's a decent place to buy wine.

On a related note, I was not pleased to find out that Wayne Dills was no longer with Whole Foods. Wayne was previously the Wine Buyer for the store and lauded for his salesmanship and customer service attitude in my previous entry entitled "Why You Should Always Return Corked Wine". I believe he has moved over to Horizon Beverage distributor and wouldn't you know it- they're the distributor for my long-time crush Cakebread Cellars! Hey Wayne- how about you hook me up with some Cakebread?

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Question of the Day: Is Whole Foods a good place to buy wine?


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