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WineHug Video Product Review

Monday, January 12, 2009

Today, we take a look at a brand new wine accessory of a unique nature. WineHug launched on January 2nd, 2009 and is a self-inflating protective travel pouch targeted at providing a snug enclosure around your wine within your suitcase. See it in action in this video review:

As I say in the video, WineHug reminds me of the technology used in camping sleeping pads. It is a cool looking, well put together product. My only minor gripe with is that I wish it self-inflated a little more aggressively, but given the price-point and the easy work it takes to "top it off" with a few puffs of air, I'd say it's alright in my book.

I think there *is* a market for a product like this. I frequently pick up a bottle or two of wine while on a business trip and stuff it in my suitcase only to be afraid that my luggage is going to come bounding down the carousel as a big wet, red mess.

There are a number of things conspiring against us as we attempt to bring wines back from a trip:

  • Interstate shipping laws continue to be difficult to navigate
  • The cost and hassle of shipping wine home is a significant deterrent
  • FAA regulations no longer permit bringing liquids through security
I think this makes WineHug's market entry well timed, plus they've got a cool product! I wish them luck and hope you'll check them out. I'd like to thank Mourad (mourad@winehug.com) for his enthusiastic assistance equipping me to provide this review.

If you'd like to order WineHug, or learn more about the product, please visit their online store at http://winehug.com

If you're going to the Boston Wine Expo, be sure to stop by their booth to buy WineHug and avoid shipping costs (don't forget to check here for a $20 OFF coupon code for the Sunday session if you're a Boston Globe Subscriber -and- you buy your tickets before January 17th).

Question of the Day: What do you think of WineHug? Any questions you'd like to ask me or Mourad?

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