Wine Enthusiast: 40% Off Eurocave Shelves

Thursday, September 23, 2010

I've been unsubscribing myself from a lot of E-mail distributions of all kinds lately.  I found I wasn't acting on the offers in the E-mail yet I was spending more time than I should researching and considering the offer.  I think E-mail is an extremely effective way to keep in touch with customers.  Let us know you're still in business, let us know about significant deals, tell us a story.  But daily E-mails about "killer" deals that really aren't that compelling at all?  Unsubscribe.

Against this backdrop, I was pleased to receive a very targeted E-mail from Wine Enthusiast yesterday.  Since I bought a EuroCave a couple years ago they wanted to let me know that they were closing out the shelving that goes with the unit at 40% off.  The newer style shelves are made of beechwood (lighter) whereas the older are made of sapele (darker).  I called them right up at 800-377-3330 and they looked up the model I own to make sure the shelves were a good match.  They were and I ordered the shelves with a total of 5 minutes of interaction.  Well done!

I pass this along in case you own an older Eurocave and didn't get the E-mail for whatever reason.  Sounds like a good time to outfit your refrigerator with the perfect shelving.  Kudos to the folks at Wine Enthusiast for the useful targeted E-mail campaign.

I've been meaning to write up some thoughts on my Eurocave and on wine refrigerators in general.  I haven't gotten around to it, but if you have questions on the subject and would like to bounce some ideas off me I'm all ears: -or- @RobertDwyer on Twitter.

The same deal is available through and fulfilled by Wine Enthusiast - check it out:


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