Which Grocery Stores in MA Sell Wine?

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Due to arcane and wacko laws, grocery store chains in Massachusetts are only able to sell wine in *3* of their locations in the state. Even more perplexing is that voters rejected a proposal that would have allowed wine to be sold in all grocery stores in towns that allow liquor sales. Side note: Wellesley and many other towns in the state do not allow liquor sales. I've stopped shaking my head in dismay long enough to compile a list of the Grocery Stores in Massachusetts that do sell wine:

Whole Foods

  1. Cambridge (River Street) (map)
  2. Hadley (map)
  3. Dedham (map)
Trader Joe's
  1. Framingham (map)
  2. Cambridge (map)
  3. Brookline (map)
    Further reading: Is Trader Joe's a Good Place to Buy Wine?
  1. Waltham (map)
  2. Avon (map)
  3. Danvers (map)
  4. Dedham* (map)
    *Wine sold at this location by a 3rd party
    Note: Membership *not* needed to buy wine at wholesale clubs in MA.
    Tip: Check the "New Items in the Warehouse" link on each location page for new arrivals in each wine shop.  Thanks to the Costco Wine Blog for the pointer.
BJ's Wholesale Club
  1. Dedham (map)
  2. Stoughton (map)
  3. Westborough (map)
  4. Danvers* (map)
  5. Stoneham* (map)
    *Wine sold at these locations by a 3rd party
    Note: Membership *not* needed to buy wine at wholesale clubs in MA.
Roche Bros./Sudbury Farms
  1. Norton (map)
  2. Bridgewater (map)
  3. Sudbury (map)
  4. Quincy (via 3rd party) (map)
  5. Wellesley
  1. Acton (map)
  2. Wayland (map)
    These are the only two Donelan's that sell wine.

  1. Star Market Cambridge (Mount Auburn) (map)
  2. Shaw's Allston (Commonwealth Ave) (map)
  3. Shaw's Franklin (map)
  4. Shaw's Dorchester (Morrissey Blvd via 3rd party) (map)
Omni Foods
  1. Weston (map)
Crosby's Marketplace
  1. Manchester (map)
  2. Georgetown (map)
Stop & Shop
  1. Malden (map)
  2. Hingham (map)
  3. Quincy (map)
  1. Dracut (map)
  2. Lunenberg (map)
  3. Quincy (map)
Big Y
Price Chopper
Big E's Supermarket
  • Easthampton (map)
Park 'n Shop
Ashburnham Market Place
  • Ashburnham 
  • Raynham
Rite Aid
  • Quincy
  • Everett
7 Eleven
  • Cambridge
I hope this list is useful. I thought to publish this after doing many variations on Google searches for "which grocery stores in ma sell wine?" You'd think the MA Alcoholic Beverages Control Commision would provide this list, but they don't seem very consumer focused in my experience.

A side note on how difficult it is to track down these stores... I wasn't able to find this information on any of the grocery store web sites. Even when I'd call store headquarters, the customer care representatives weren't able to easily find the information, and in some cases they weren't able to find it at all. Whole Foods was the easiest- I just asked @WholeFoods on Twitter and they answered me within the hour. @Trader Joe's didn't respond on Twitter, but they did respond a few days later to an inquiry submitted through their website.

Help prevent teen alcohol abuse – don't buy or sell alcohol for minors.

I'd very much appreciate your help expanding this list. If you could drop me an E-mail or leave a comment below I'd be grateful, and I'd add the stores to the list above.

Thanks- I hope this is useful.

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